Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Featuring one of our best and most adored customers


"I was not a clothes horse, until I discovered Erica Tanov. I fell in love, and slowly developed an obsession. I wear something from Erica every day be it just a slip, a fantastic Marguerite silk bra or a full blown outfit from head to toe. What I love about Erica’s clothing is that each piece looks different on everyone who wears it. The clothes very much reflect the person inside vs. the other way around."

Fontaine in bamboo cotton, Tosca stellata crepe de chine, Hansel pearl grey linen,
Pantherella socks, Lynda's Chanel shoes

We got Lynda in the Herringbone makeup chair and it was so much fun!
Shawn started with the Jessica Wu eye cream and a light layer of the super antioxidant
Jessica Wu dew cream to prep Lynda's skin. Then we did a light application of the
Julie Hewett cream to powder foundation on
her whole face for a dewy, natural look.

This was Lynda's outfit when she arrived! Bunny Cake vest,
Alma bittersweet petal silk and Maude bittersweet petal silk.

"The clothes are casually elegant, with a bohemian yet feminine twist.
I could go on and on about why I love Erica’s clothes, the reasons are endless."

Flynn fine denim, Darby indigo fine denim, Gilda cotton voile chinoiserie,
scarf chinoiserie, hand stitched quilt and sham in chinoiserie cotton voile.

Shawn also put a little bit of the peachie cheekie on Lynda's cheeks and
emphasized her gorgeous eyes with a wash of neautral eyeshadow on her lids.
The final touch was a light application of the Gem Noir Lipstick for a classic summery red.
Lynda looks incredible in a soft, natural way. All colors and product is available at Herringbone come visit soon!

Jasper circles petal silk, Melissa Joy Manning necklace, Roberto Del Carlo heel

Noa plaid cotton, Megan Park yellow necklace, Megan Park beaded clutch

Tosca in Istanbul Crepe De Chine, Rogan svelte jean,
Fold over bag in grey with Chie Mihara Goka sandle.

"After being a true fan for over five years, there is one last thing that I must
note - I absolutely love that all of her pieces somehow play off of one another.
I can mix and match pieces from all of her collections (spring, fall, 2005, 2010)
to create something that is beautiful and completely unique to me. It just keeps on giving!"

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mara Scalasie necklaces, roost pitcher & glass, Lipstick Queen shine gloss,
all natural soap by Captain Blankenship,
Erica Tanov Instanbul cotton voile quilt & pillow sham

subtle, soft, cotton voile quilts and pillowcases in new
Erica Tanov spring fabrics just arrived

Erica Tanov chinoiserie cotton voile quilt, Erica Tanov petal silk slip in pearl grey

RGB nail polish, candle by Soap & Paper Co, Julie Hewett noir lipstick collection

come get a splash of spring color at

Herringbone Apothecary

Erica Tanov Stellata cotton voile quilt, Megan Park beaded pillow