Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Erica Tanov all natural bath salts $32, Antipast metallic sock $36,
Roost mercury glass votive $12, Roost mercury glass bottle tea light holder $28,
Roost clear glass candle holder $20 ( comes with 5 extra candles), Roost glass thermos $32.

Great Gifts under $50

Roost tiny bell ornaments $3 each, Roost medium and small wood mushroom $28-$32,
Roost carved clay candle $14, Roost small bell garland $18, Roost large bell $24,
Savon De Marseille soap with crushed flowers $14

Under $100

Erica Tanov metallic knee high sock $54, Roost reindeer $34,
Pantherella luxury cashmere sock $74,
Fog Linen black and natural pouch's $18-$32.

Under $200

Tamar Morgendorf handmade penguin $156,
Erica Tanov silver and gold wallet $170, Erica Tanov cashmere glove $98,
Erica Tanov wool fingerless gloves $134, Erica Tanov striped cashmere hats $118,
Erica Tanov wool cable knit hat $122, Araks peacock blue pantie $128, Erica Tanov monet knit camisole $172,
Erica Tanov Marrakech petal silk scarf $92.

..... and more beautiful gifts

Erica Tanov shoulder bag silver leather $426, Megan park gold/beaded clutch $540,
Roost marble salt and pepper bowl $28 and spoon $12, Erica Tanov long wallet in metallic leather $220,
Medecine Douce gold fill earrings $112, Antipast cotton scarves $82.

Art always makes a great gift. Come check out "Mostly Cars and Trees"
photographs by local artist Sean Jerd

there are many different sizes. Prices range from $250 - $700

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  1. Dear Erica,

    Very good idea to show case gifts at different price ranges!!!
    I have followed your store after finding you at the kids show in the Javits center over 11 years ago when I had a childrens clothing store!!! My son wore many of your outfits!!!
    I would love to send you one!! Do you have a board of kids in your outfits?? Of course he is almost 11 now so I cherish those photos and times!!!!

    Melissa Lee